Infrastructure Design & Implementation

IT Infrastructure should be designed to have no single point of failure, secure, flexible and highly scalable.

Commercial IT can assist you in setting up a new business or to update/upgrade your existing network, to build and maintain the corporate infrastructure you require to operate efficiently, improve service availability and increase productivity by implementing industry best practices and technology. Our focus is to not only cater for client’s current needs, but also provide solutions that are scalable and flexible to cater for their future needs.

For a start we interview key stake holders in the business to gather business goals, directions, constraints and requirements. A brief assessment of the current infrastructure is performed to identify the gaps and challenges.

Secondly we measure and analyse initial findings and discuss our recommendations with the client based on the initial assessment and budgetary requirements to forms a basis of the overall ICT standardisation and consolidation plan.

Finally our IT solutions are implemented in accordance with a predefined implementation plan stating key information such as the project schedule and any service interruption arrangements, backed by high quality ongoing support.